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.Moroccan money is Dirham, the currency code is MAD and stands for MoroccAn Dirham
Once you travel to Morocco for business or tourism, you will be surprised by many terms for the same amount of money, so ichra7.com will help you learn to handle Moroccan money.
The Morocco money learning process is as easy same as any other Arabic countries or their regions.
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Learning arithmetic in Moroccan dirham comes with easy rules, which we will explain to all those interested to learn them.
As we always do, we will later put a link to the application of converting from Moroccan dirham to Moroccan riyal directly.

what currency to use in morocco ?
you can use Moroccan Dirham in Morocco, and other currencies are welcome too.
Euro is the most used foreign currency in Morocco
US dollar is numer two and can be exchanged in Banks.
Also in local Exchange offices and some few ATM that had the exchange symbol sign.

what does فلوس mean ?
فلوس means money, it is money in plural in arabic language.
It is pronounced Flous or folous .
in lebanon it is synonym of Massari ( مصاري ).
Gulf countries call it bizat ( بيزات ).

Folous generally means money in Moroccan dialect, and as a sentence: “baddi massari” in the Lebanese dialect.
Note: The word “flos” (folouus on fulfillment of folouus) must be distinguished from falos (“with an A after f”) means chick or little chikens.

How to convert Moroccan dirham to Moroccan riyal?
Learning to handle money in Moroccan dirham is easy and with a simple mathematic rule, simple math.
1 riyal = 5 centims.
thousand riyals = 50 Moroccan dirhams.
1 Moroccan dirham = 20 riyals.
Of course, once in morocco for business or tourism, or even if you want to watch Moroccan YouTube videos, then you will fin yourself in need to more than learning Moroccan general terms only, but you must learn the Moroccan language of money.
Learn the Moroccan money : What is the equivalent of money in Moroccan language known as Darija ?

What are Moroccan bills?

20 dirhams
50 dirhams
100 dirhams
200 dirhams.

What are Moroccan coins?
Here is an inventory the Moroccan metal pieces from the smallest to the largest:

5 centims
10 centims
20 centims
50 centims
1 dirham
2 dirhams
5 dirhams
10 dirhams

moroccan dirham coins to ten dirhams.
When you want to shop or buy services, you hear the word riyal, for example, four thousand riyals, a price for a sandwich or clothes that you try to bargain for a lower price.
Do not be surprised because the riyal in Morocco is different than the Saudi Arabia’s Riyal, and do not forget that the Moroccan currency is the Moroccan dirham, and its international symbol is MAD.
What is the Moroccan riyal? And what are the most important Moroccan terms in the world of finance and trade?

How to convert the dirham to Moroccan riyals?
It is very easy, and here is the method, multiply by 20.
when calculating the amounts divisible by 10,000 dirhams, is one million centims .
Example: 23,450 dirhams are 2 million centimeters and 69,000 riyals.
To get a detailed idea write a list of sums and calculate it for large quantities .

What is the Moroccan riyal?
The riyal varies according to different Moroccan regions. In central Morocco, especially the riyal is 5 Moroccan centimeters, or 0.05 Moroccan dirham.
It is used especially but not exclusively in the western regions of Morocco in cities such as Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, Agadir …
We use the term “Alf ryal : one hundred riyals” to facilitate the amounts less than fifty Moroccan dirhams and “myat ryal:100 riyals” means five dirhams, which is a moroccan coin.
the most used term is “Alf ryal : one thousand riyals” and it is the green bills of 50 dirhams, because it is actually 5000 centims.
The riyal is used as an account unit in transactions in the darija, Moroccan dialect language. Here are examples of its uses.
Example 1:
250 dirhams is five thousand riyals (khamsalaf ryal) , and it means five papers of 50 dirhams, of course.
Example 2: 15 dirhams are three hundred riyals (taltalaf ryal) , or 3 coins of five dirhams.
Example 3: 105,000 dirhams is 10 million and 100 thousand riyals (achra mlyon w myat alf ryal), because one million in the Moroccan colloquial year is 10,000 dirhams.
But if you think that learning Moroccan money handling is easy, you will be wrong because the riyal is not the same in all Moroccan cities.
Here is a complete list of all the most common questions when learning Moroccan dirham, including all questions and their satisfactory answers.

How is conversion dirham works ?
ten riyals is half dirham.
to convert dirham to centim we multiply by 100 , so 5 dirham is 500 centim.
for a converson from dirhams to moroccan riyal just multiply by 20, example : 5 dirhams is 100 ryal.

we observe that five dirhams is 500 centims or 100 ryal called mya dryal.
for the famous moroccan bill , no 50 dirham coin exists, the green bill called alf ryal means 1000 riyals.
10 dirham coin is called 200 riyals or 2000 centims or alfin frank.
20 moroccan dirham is 200 entims or 400 dryals pronounced arbaamya daryal.
one hundred dirhams is brown bille called alfin ryal others call it 10.000 frank or achra lafrank.
5000 dirham is half millions centims, also called 100.000 riyals in darija myat alf rial.

How to convert riyal to dhs ?
just multiply by 20 convert a n ammout from morroccan riyal to the ammount in the moroccan currencey MAD.

How to convert riyal to dhs ?
just deivide by 20 convert a n ammout from the moroccan currencey MAD to  morroccan riyal .
example : 100 moroccan dirham equals 2000 riyals because we did plutiply it by 20 .

Learn to handle Moroccan money in the northern regions:
When you visit the north of Morocco, like Tangier and Tetouan, as well as the city of Chefchaouen and Larache, the riyal is way different!
If the Moroccan riyal is equal to five centimeters in most of the moroccan kingdom’s cities and central regions, then the tottalt different there in the north.
The riyal in the northern cities of the Kingdom of Morocco is 10 times  the normal riyal and it equal to 50 centims.
The riyal in the north of the Kingdom of Morocco is a coin equal to half a dirham and its use differs from the Moroccan West by adding the letter D before I (Dryal).
If we take the examples of the first paragraph and apply it to this paragraph, the matter becomes different.
Example 1: 250 dirhams is five hundred dirhams( khams mya dryal) , which means five papers of 50 dirhams, of course.
Example 2: 15 dirhams are thirty dryal (tlatin dryal), or 3 coins of five dirhams.

Convert currency from dirham to Moroccan riyal:
If the amount is less than ten thousand dirhams, here is the method:
Multiply by twenty, for example: 450 dirhams, how much is it conversion in Moroccan riyals?
450 times 20 is 9000 riyals (tasaamya d riyal).
The reason: To convert the dirham into reals, we divide by 5 centims, and multiply by a hundred to convert them to centis, and it is divided by one hundred by 5, which equals 20.
for the bigger amounts, we can talk about each amount of 100 thousand dirhams (one hundred thousand Moroccan dirhams) as ten million centims.
And that every amount of 10,000 dirhams is a million centims.
Learn to calculate Moroccan money: known sums of money:
• One million Moroccan  : equal to one hundred million centims.
Ten million Moroccan, or ten million Moroccan centimes: equal to one hundred thousand Moroccan dirhams,
note : divide the amount of dirhams by a hundred because each dirham is a hundred centims.
• One thousand Moroccan dirhams: equals twenty thousand Moroccan riyals, or hundreds of francs, or two hundred dirhams in the north of Morocco..
• Five thousand dirhams: hundred thousand riyals.
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